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Jaguar E-type 2+2, they get no respect!

Etype 2+2


As a almost 40 year owner of an E Type 2+2, I just don’t understand why people go “ga ga” over convertibles. The 2+2 has so much more going for it. As  the late Rodney Dangerfield would say “They get no respect”.  Which reminds me of one of his jokes.



When my wife drives, there’s always trouble. The other day she took the Jag. She came home. She told me “there was water in the carburetor” I asked her “Where’s the Jag”  She said “In a lake”.


The 2+2 is  a great car for trips, I’ve been on plenty of weekend drives with mine. The additional space is really handy when  you need to put luggage or souvenirs in. Those cases of wine from the winery tours take up a lot of space!


The rear seats came in handy when the kids were little,  now they get used more for grocery bags. I like the power steering on my 2+2 especially when parallel parking or barely moving. The automatic transmission comes in handy, I’m tired of shifting and air conditioning comes in handy too.  I also have a heated rear window that removes the “fog” on cold nights. Lets see those convertible owners defog their rear window!


The only bad thing about the 2+2, its selling price. It’s probably 40% of what an early convertible might fetch. But that’s a good thing if you’re looking to buy a Jaguar Etype! You can buy a nice 2+2 fairly inexpensively compared to a convertible and enjoy a great sports car.


I tell you, the Jaguar E-type 2+2 is the most Practical E-Type, they get no respect.


interior of 2+2 etype

Not a bad looking interior!

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