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Removing Engine

My piston knock delima ended up in having to pull the XK engine out of my 1970 Etype. Not excatly what I wanted to do but it had to be done. It will be the first time it’s been out of the car in over 45 years.

Lots of stuff needs to be taken out of the engine compartment in order to remove the engine. Start by draining fluids, removing or cutting water hoses, remove intake manifold, exhaust manifold, oil filter, distributor, alternator, power steering pump, water pump and all electric connections… about the time you think you have it all, you will find something else that needs to go. I get some much need advice from JK Restoration in Oswego Illinois about the tie rod reaction plate. The plate, near the rear of the engine, is a pain in the you know what.  You have to disconnect the upper ball joints and sway bar in order to take the pressure off the tie rods to get the reaction plate off.  Luckily the air conditioning can be moved off to the side without disconnecting, yes it still works! And then there is the drive shaft and other things to disconnect inside the car.


Jaguar XK Engine removal


Next decision is weather to pull it out the top or drop it out the bottom. I figured I could save a few bucks on an engine lift rental if I dropped it out the bottom.

I’m running a 4 x 4 piece of wood across the rafters in the roof to distribute the weight and hooking a “come along” style cable puller. Chains are hooked up to the main engine pulling hooks on the engine head.


XK engine removal Jaguar

I lift up the engine a little and can then remove the two front engine mounts allowing the engine to drop down to the floor. Oh yea, put a 2 x 10 piece of wood with some 1/4 inch dowel rods under it on the floor so you have a way to pull the engine out from under the car, when it sits on the floor.

Once on the floor you need to jack up the front of the car so you can pull the engine out from under it. I would jack it up a couple inches then reset my jack stands up higher in case something slipped. It looked a little scary but I was able to jack it up high enough to pull out the engine.

dropping an xk jaguar engine


Jaguar engine BMW Isetta

This monster is almost as big as my BMW Isetta


There I have it out all by myself. Now I have this big heavy engine sitting here and I realize I need to get it up into my trailer to take it somewhere for rebuilding. So much for saving a few bucks on the lift rental, I’m going to need it to put this big heavy thing in the trailer and I cant get enough people to move it! Time to head to the rental store.


Jaguar engine removal


Engine gone! You can see how high you need to jack up the front end. Would be much easier with a car lift, I’ve always wanted one of those.



Wow! This lift is really nice, just made it in. I may just put it back in the car using the lift.

After all of this, I’m still not sure if its easier to drop the engine out the bottom or if I should of lifted it out the top. I guess it can be done either way.


I was going to put the engine back in from over the top but it turns out the rental shop no longer had this style of lift when I went back to get it months later. I ended up buying a lift from Harbor Freight but its legs go out at an angle and tend to get in the way so it was easier for me to pull it back up from underneath.


etype engine rebuild

In place and bolted in


That worked out and now its in place ready for the rest to go back.

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