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Recolor the Interior

Over the past 30 years, my interior has held up pretty well,  a few scratches from my cell phone rubbing it and a couple flaws here and there but not enough to warrant a new set of seats. Besides, I have a 2+2 and I would probably need to replace the rear seat in order for it to match the front seats.  (another $1,000 expense for that kit) In 2011 I decided to do a little touchup on the seats I have.

I removed the front seats and was surprised to see how much they were faded. The side panels looked like a completely different lighter color. Once you lifted up the headrest you could see it was faded, really bad.

Jaguar E type seat before

Before coloring, notice the lighter color leather on the outside.

I remember years ago, Dick Howe, our previous club newsletter editor , did a story on some leather and vinyl paint that he used.  I remember using it on my Amphicar and changing a black seat to a white one, it worked quite well.  So I got on the internet and started searching.  It didn’t take long,

They have a product called Surflex, you can brush or spray it on. They have five Jaguar colors in stock and can custom make any other color. They didn’t have my tan color so I sent a sample of my seat for them to match.

I cleaned and oiled the seats and waited a couple days before “painting”. The Surflex sprayed on easily, covered all the flaws and fading.

It was a big improvement and only cost me $55 for a 16 ounce can. And 35 bucks for some clear coat. It took some time to remove everything, spray it and reinstall but I think it was worth it.

I even got a can of Doeskin Gray and “painted” the plastic trim around my rear coupe hatch and those long strips that snap into the area  from the bottom of the door to the top. Those pieces were some of the worst looking things on my car but I could never find replacements in my color for them.  Now I don’t have to look anymore.

Jaguar Etype Interior recoloring

Drying the seats before installing them.

So far, I’m happy with it. I don’t know if it will hold up as well as new leather seat, I doubt it, but I still have more Surflex in the can to touch it up again if needed.

2012 Update: A year has gone by, the coloring has worked fairly well however, it’s not as nice as a new seat of seats. I have had some problems on the piping where the color will wear off and need to be touched up. The seats no longer have that “leather” feel to them, they seem to have a “sticky” feeling.  The good news is it only cost me $100 to completly recolor the interior, replacing it would of been over $5,000. For now I made the right choice. When the seats get torn up or cracked relly bad, then I will go with a new seat kit.




Colored Jaguar Interior

The finished product, Looks so much better than it did. You really have to look close to see any flaws.




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