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Heater Hose

I found out after rebuilding the engine that there is a heater hose that is no longer available! Can’t find it anywhere, Welsh, Terrys, XKS, Barratt, even looked in England and can’t find it. In this photo it’s not in place, it sits up above the heater pipe that goes to the radiator.

Jaguar etype heater hose nla.


It goes from the intake manifold to the firewall heater crossover pipe. This hose is “S” shaped on my 1970 2+2. Some Jaguars have the crossover pipe mounted up higher and those can get by with a straight hose. He’s another photo that shows the separation better.

Jaguar e type heater hoses


The Jaguar parts dealers say the hose part number has been superseded with a new number but that number is for the hoses off to the sides of the carburetors. As you can see from this picture, they wont work.

Jaguar XKE carburator hose


So, the only thing I could figure was to cut one of these hoses in half, turn it 90 degrees, do a little trimming and put a coupler in the middle.  Homemade replacement heater hose 1970 Jaguar Etype


Fits perfectly, looks a little odd having another clamp in the middle but until someone starts remanufacturing these hoses, what else can you do?

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