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Alternator Problems

For over 10 years now my little red ignition light in the speedometer will glow a little dim. In the daytime you barely notice it, at night it’s easy to notice. It also will sometimes be completely off or flicker a little. I replaced the little unit up under the heater that controls this light with a new electronic version about 8 years ago. It never helped one bit.

I don’t worry too much about it since I can see the voltmeter is around 14 and that’s plenty of charge to keep me going. Except, on a 1300 mile trip around Lake Michigan I noticed the last night the voltmeter was running under 13 volts. That’s getting a little low but I made it home driving the last 3.5 hours below 13 volts.

Went to a car show the following weekend, this time the voltmeter was even lower, right around the red under charge area. Parked at the show, turned it off and tried to restart and nothing, just a click.

Jaguar Etype alternator

New alternator installed

I have a spare alternator so I guess it time to put it on and see what happens. It’s pretty easy and only takes an hour.

Etype alternator 60 amp

60 amp Etype alternator from the back

Starting the car up I watch the voltmeter rise, 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5 and stops around 14. Great! It’s back where it should be. And what do you know, the little red light in the speedometer is completely out. Everything working perfectly.

Jaguar etype alternator, XKE alternator

Front half of Alternator

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